What I love about being a dietitian

(…and what I don’t love)

What I love about being a dietitian

I’m often asked why I became a Dietitian. The list of loves are many… here are a few that spring to mind:

  • Busting nutrition myths
  • helping others to stop the weight loss-weight regain cycle through sustainable dietary change
  • being a diet detective to identify someone’s food intolerance triggers and better manage their symptoms
  • helping people increase dietary variety and improve gut health
  • seeing blood tests improve through improving nutritional intake
  • watching clients walk out of the consult room with increased self-confidence

What I don’t love

Very little actually! Although I think the label “Dietitian” is misleading as it makes it sound like I’ll be putting everyone on a restrictive diet when it’s usually quite the opposite. I prefer the title “Nutritionist” but it is not a protected title so sometimes it gets used by people who do not have the qualification and training to provide evidenced based nutrition care and medical nutrition therapy. If you want safe, quality care through an expert in the field look for the terms “Accredited Practising Dietitian” and “Accredited Nutritionist”.

Phoebe Starling
(Accredited Practising Dietitian)

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